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Modern Encryption Enables Testing with Real Data on Oracle Autonomous Database

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Prevents Attacks

Encrypts databases & document stores to a sub-field level using KeyStore-less encryption with AES 256 Symmetric Encryption derived keys, one derived key for each encryption process..

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Enhances Access

Enables full-Text search and analytics on encrypted data without the need to decrypt the data. The keys are never stored in a KeyStore, making insider or backdoor access impossible.

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The ShieldIO Secure Data Platform

The ShieldIO™ Platform is at the heart of our all applications. Managing access, encryption, fuzzy logic, distributed ledger and the federated access to the different secured and unsecured data stores using what we coined Real Time Homomorphic Encryption.

The encryption process is AES 256 Symmetric Encryption using derived keys, one for each encryption process. The keys are never stored in a KeyStore, making insider or backdoor access impossible. The platform utilizes - High Performance Computing, Extreme Memory & Processor Management; - Artificial Intelligence manages the creation of the keys from various random inputs; - Natural Language Understanding manages the federated access and Fuzzy Logic engines.

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Developer Shield™

Liberate Your Team’s Developers.

Developer Shield™ enables testers and developers, both locally or offshore, to access real data for their projects, securing PII, PHI, PCI or other sensitive and compliance related data ensuring data is not accessible. It allows secure development and testing with real data eliminating the need to create mock data-sets that do not properly simulate the production environment. Developer Shield™ protects and preserves the test data by providing each developer/tester their own local copy.

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Document Shield™

Encrypt Documents & Metadata

Document Shield™ enables secure access to documents with sensitive data anonymized yet searchable; securing unstructured content without having to migrate or redact content. It enables users to search encrypted documents on premise as well as it allows sensitive and confidential data access while stored cloud side. Moving documents to the cloud has further increased the enterprises’ need to reassess their document security for information.

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Integrated Technologies

  • High Powered Computing (HPC)
  • AES 256 Encryption Engine — Without a KeyStore
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Natural Language Understanding Engine (NLU)
  • Fuzzy Search Logic
  • Distributed Ledger
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