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Prevents Cyber Attacks

ShieldIO’s keystore-less encryption protects against all attack vectors. It eliminates all internal and external vulnerabilities of enterprise systems in real-time, without compromising business performance, speed or customer accessibility.


Blocks Data Theft

ShieldIO validates access each step of the way, securing the transport of data between users, applications, and end database services. ShieldIO protection will render DDoS and other attacks useless.


Enhances Access

ShieldIO's integrated technologies afford enterprises the ability to create RPA, secure eComerce, protect cloud data, and lock down databases. ShieldIO sits between the user and the cloud, encrypting and digitally signing every request. Hackers can not steal what they never come in contact with.


Accelerates Innovation

Empowers enterprises to securely deploy innovative enterprise applications and cloud services with secure analytics and developing shields that unleash the potential of your developers and the power of your data.

We Make Data
Safe Secure Searchable Compliant Actionable Intelligent Work


Secure Data as a Service

The way the market thinks about encryption of Databases is no longer sufficient. Companies and the market continually demand more access and usability. Yet, Existing Data Protection starts with the premise of locking down access to data. ShieldIO has re-imagined this position as it is fundamentally an antithesis. Data is the core of your organization’s business, ShieldIO’s focus is making it accessable and profitable while maintaining its integrity.

Simple Access
Secure Data

Simple Access to Secure Data

CTO Simon Bain explains how SheildIO’s Keystore-Less Encryption,
In-Memory Distributed Block Chain, and Natural Languange Processing
address modern enterprise security needs in a way that enhances access and usability.


Integrated Technologies

  • In-Memory Distributed Block Chain Ledger
  • Key-storeless Encryption
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
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